Over the [Telford] Bridge and Through the Dunes, to Newborough Beach We Go!

Written By Nola Liu, William and Mary, Class of 2014

Despite our traveling difficulties, we were all very excited to finally arrive at Bangor University. Hours of waiting and jet-lag exhaustion behind us, today was a fresh start to our adventures in North Wales!  The group photo below is taken near the School of Ocean Sciences, which is located on the island of Anglesey in the town of Menai Bridge.  The body of water behind us is the Menai Strait (the one that has a 6 meter tidal range).  Also note that the rocks are covered in Lichen: hopefully someone will talk more about that later.

Group Photo in front of the Menai Strait


With a warm and hearty [Wales] breakfast (read: baps, beans, doorstops, and sausages) in our bellies, we were able to tour some of the labs at the School of Ocean Sciences.  We toured one lab that held class for over 90 students, which was the largest class lab I have seen yet.


Anglesey Map (requires Welsh to read)


After working out all of our travel logistics, Dr. Mark Luckenbach and Dr. Jim Perry decided to take us on a trip to Newborough Beach.  This beach is located on the island of Anglesey in the far south-western corner.



We didn’t expect the 3 hour hike (to the beach and back), but we enjoyed passing through woods, salt marshes, and dunes.  Along the way, of course, we stopped to identify various flora and fauna.

With dirt and sand in our shoes and on our pants, we hiked onwards….

…and the views were spectacular!

The beautiful scenery of Newborough gave us our first glimpse of how truly wonderful Wales is. This hike was a perfect end to our day, and we are ready for more!

Leave us a comment, and let us know what you think so far!  Questions are encouraged!

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